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Fig. 1: Aristides Azevedo Pacheco Leão. Journal of Nourophysiology, 1944, Changes of bioelectrical activities recorded from a rabbit during propagation of spreading depression (SD). Traces reveal propagating flattening of epileptiform field potentials induced by spreading of cortical SD as well as propagating recovery of these activities.

06a source Amh.png

FIG. 1. Aristides Azevedo Pacheco Leão. [Reproduced from Anais de Academia Brasileira de Ciências, 56: (4), 1984, by permission.]

06a source2 Amh.png

FIG. 2. Leão’s original illustration of spreading depression. The traces show electrocorticograms from the surface of the brain of a rabbit. At the bottom of each panel is the time elapsed since the stimulation. The inset (F) shows the position of the electrodes: s, stimulation; 1–7, recording electrodes paired as indicated in A.


The source of the photograph is not given.

Probably more a copyright issue than a plagiarism issue, therefore "kein Plagiat"


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