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There are very substantial text parallels between the dissertation discussed here and the dissertation Torrens (2009). Note the following:

  • The two dissertations have been written roughly at the same time, such that it is not a priori clear that the text has not been copied "in the other direction". However there is indication that Torrens (2009) was completed first:
    • In his thesis, A. G. C. refers to the author of the source as "Dr. Carles Torrens", whereas in Torrens (2009), the author refers to A. G. C. without the title "Dr.".
    • Looking at the different dates related to the creation of the dissertations it appears that Torrens (2009) has come first quite consistently:
Diss A. G. C.
Torrens (2009)
Thesis defence 3.11.2009 20.5.2009
Copyright deposit 2010 2009
PDF File created 3.9.2009 21.01.2010
PDF File last modified 15.6.2010 21.01.2010
Title page 2009 2008
Supervisors signature 28.7.2009 28.9.2008
  • Both dissertations have been supervised by Enric Cáceres i Palou and the two authors mention each other in their acknowledgements in a way that makes clear that the two authors have worked together closely:
    • Diss A. G. C.: "Al Dr. Carles Torrens, per donar-me la possibilitat de treballar amb ell en aquest projecte, per la seva forma de fer-ho senzill tot, pels seus imprescindibles consells, pels moments divertits viscuts durant les llargues hores de treball, pel “rótulas”."
    • Torrens (2009): "Al Albert Ginés, per el seu imprescindible ajut en el desenvolupament i la elaboració d’aquesta tesi. Gracies per la teva manera de fer que sempre positivitza tot (“cómelotodo”)."
  • In neither of the two dissertations the other dissertation is mentioned and none of the very substantial text parallels have been attributed to the other dissertation.

Prominent FragmentsBearbeiten

  • Fragment 074 01, Fragment 075 01: A passage in the results section is copied. Also some statistical results are copied, although the two dissertations analyse different patient samples.
  • Fragment 121 01: A copied passage in the results section that includes an image.
  • Fragment 012 01: A copied passage in the introduction section that includes many references to the literature.

Other observationsBearbeiten

  • A. G. C. appears to be associate professor at the UAB Barcelona [1].
  • Enric Cáceres i Palou has been the supervisor of the two dissertations, he could have spotted the text parallels. Leaving aside the question of plagiarism, it is surprising that he did not ensure that the two dissertations refer to each other given that they treat the same topic.


Not all plagiarism identified has been documented in fragments yet, see --> Link. In order to get a quick overview of the complete picture one can use the Text comparison tool of the Wiki: after copying the entire text of the dissertation into the right window and the entire text of the (possible) source into the left window, one presses the button "Texte vergleichen!". Then both texts are shown below their respective windows whereby text parallels are coloured and can be identified and appreciated at first glance.

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