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Graf Isolan
Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 40, Zeilen: 9-13
Quelle: Mathew et al 2007
Seite(n): 628, Zeilen: right col. 34-39
The method utilizes the normalized landslide densities derived using the landslide occurrence in each factor class for calculating weight values. Information value method (Yin and Yan, 1988; Kobashi and Suzuki, 1988) and weights of evidence modeling (Spiegelhalter, 1986; Bonham-Carter et al., 1990) are two common bivariate methods applied in LHZ mapping.

Bonham-Carter, G. F., Agterberg, F. P. (1990): Application of a microcomputer based geographic information system to mineral potential mapping. In Microcomputer Based Applications in Geology (eds Hanley, T. and Merriam, D. F.), Pergamon Press, Oxford, Vol. 2.

Kobashi, S., Suzuki, M. (1988): Hazard index for the Judgment of Slope Stability in the Rokko Mountain Region. In. Proc., Interpraevent 1988, Graz, Austria, Vol. 1, pp 223-233.

Spiegelhalter, D. J. (1986): A statistical view of uncertainty in expert systems. In: Gale, W. (Ed.), Artificial Intelligence and Statistics. Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, pp 17–55.

Ying [sic], K. L., Yan, T. Z. (1988): Statistical Prediction Model for Slope Instability of Metamorphosed Rocks. In Proc., Fifth International Symposium on Landslides, Lausanne (C. Bonnard, ed.), A. A. Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Vol. 2, pp 1269-1272.

The bivariate statistical methods utilize the normalized landslide densities derived using the landslide occurrence in each parameter class to arrive at the hazard map. Information value method and weights of evidence modelling are two common bivariate methods applied in LHZ mapping process.

A collage of the original text with material from Soeters and van Westen 1996 (with the references taken from there). Nothing has been marked as a citation. The sources are not given.

See also Hja/Fragment_040_11, where the other source of this collage is documented.

(Graf Isolan)
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BearbeiterGraf Isolan
FragmentStatusZuSichten +
KuerzelHja +
QuelleMathew et al 2007 +
SeiteArbeit40 +
SeiteQuelle628 +
Sichter(Graf Isolan)
TypusVerschleierung +
ZeileArbeit9-13 +
ZeileQuelleright col. 34-39 +

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