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  • Joya (2012) and Ortigosa (2012) are two dissertations that have been defended before the dissertation discussed here. They have been written at the same institute and partially with the same supervisors. None of the two dissertations is listed in the bibliography, but both contain large parts of the introduction of the dissertation discussed here (there is also a significant overlap between Joya (2012) and Ortigosa (2012), see Analyse:Sog).
    • Note that Joya (2012), Ortigosa (2012) and the dissertation of J. G. S. have all been written roughly at the same time, such that it is not a priori clear in which direction the text has been copied and additional information is necessary to decide that question. None of the three dissertation mentions any of the other dissertations. However, according to the dates available, the thesis of J. G. S. was the latest to be defended and to be published:
Diss J. G. S.
Ortigosa (2012)
Joya (2012)
Thesis defence 24.5.2013 22.1.2013 10.10.2012
Thesis published online 2013  ? 2013
PDF File created 23.5.2013 23.10.2012 7.5.2012
PDF File last modified 10.11.2013 3.7.2013 26.12.2012
Title page 2013 October 2012 July 2012
  • Lozano et al. 2007: Some of the figures in the dissertation originally stem from this publication, which is mentioned in the dissertation, but the figures in question are not attributed.

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Not all plagiarism identified has been documented in fragments yet, see --> Link. In order to get a quick overview of the complete picture one can use the Text comparison tool of the Wiki: after copying the entire text of the dissertation into the right window and the entire text of the (possible) source into the left window, one presses the button "Texte vergleichen!". Then both texts are shown below their respective windows whereby text parallels are coloured and can be identified and appreciated at first glance.

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