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The sourceBearbeiten

There are very substantial text parallels with the dissertation Amoros (2013) that is nowhere mentioned in the thesis. Please note:

  • The dissertation Amoros (2013) has been published in 2013, the same year the discussed dissertation has been published in. For that reason it is not a priori clear in which direction the text has been copied. However, the author of Amoros (2013) is mentioned in the the ackgnowledgement of the thesis as "Doctora Irene Amorós García", which suggests that Amoros (2013) has been defended first.
  • It is also important to note that a large part of the text that is parallel with Amoros (2013) can also be found in the earlier dissertation Gómez (2010), see also: Analyse:Iag

Prominent fragmentsBearbeiten

  • Fragment 003 01: The first page of the dissertation is identical to the source that is not mentioned.
  • Fragment 007 01: Another example of a page that has been copied in its entirety and without any attribution.
  • Fragment 208 11: A short passage from the discussion section of the dissertation.

Other observationsBearbeiten

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