Prominent sourcesBearbeiten

  • Casillas (2011): There are very substantial text parallels with this dissertation that is not mentioned anywhere in the thesis under discussion. Note, however, that M. J. C. and the author of this thesis have published together extensively (in English) and the author is mentioned prominently in the acknowledgements.

Prominent FragmentsBearbeiten

  • Fragment 033 08: Almost an entire page has been taken literally without attribution. Also two references to the literature have been copied.
  • Fragment 167 01: An unattributed text parallel in the discussion section of the thesis.
  • Fragment 175 01: The last paragraph of the discussion section, starting with the words "En conclusión", is taken to a large part from Casillas (2011) and the source is not mentioned.
  • Fragment 046 01: Here also 12 references to the literature have been copied.

Other observationsBearbeiten

  • Carmen Peralta Uroz has been the supervisor of the thesis of M. J. C. as well as of Casillas (2011). She could have spotted the unattributed parallels.


Not all plagiarism identified has been documented in fragments yet, see --> Link. In order to get a quick overview of the complete picture one can use the Text comparison tool of the Wiki: after copying the entire text of the dissertation into the right window and the entire text of the (possible) source into the left window, one presses the button "Texte vergleichen!". Then both texts are shown below their respective windows whereby text parallels are coloured and can be identified and appreciated at first glance.

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