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Prominent sourcesBearbeiten

The dissertation Venegas (2004) is listed in the bibliography and mentioned once in the text (p. 52). But nothing indicates that it is the source for quite extensive text parallels. The supervisors of Venegas (2004) are the same as the supervisors of the dissertation under discussion.

Prominent fragmentsBearbeiten

  • Fragment_039_01: Almost an entire page has been copied literally without attribution. This also includes eight references to the literature.
  • Fragment 044 01: A longer passage is copied without attribution.

Other observationsBearbeiten


Not all plagiarism identified has been documented in fragments yet, see --> Link. In order to get a quick overview of the complete picture one can use the Text comparison tool of the Wiki: after copying the entire text of the dissertation into the right window and the entire text of the (possible) source into the left window, one presses the button "Texte vergleichen!". Then both texts are shown below their respective windows whereby text parallels are coloured and can be identified and appreciated at first glance.

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