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The sourceBearbeiten

There are substantial text parallels between the dissertation discussed and the dissertation Romeu (2006) that has been defended four years earlier at the same department by one of the supervisors of the dissertation. Romeu (2006) is mentioned in the bibliography, but nowhere else. The author of Romeu (2006) and supervisor of the thesis is mentioned in the acknowledgents: "A la Dra. Romeu per la seva tasca i temps invertits, de manera constant, en aquest treball i sense els quals no hauria estat possible. També pels seus coneixements i treballs previs que han servit de base per a l’elaboració d’aquesta tesi."

Prominent fragmentsBearbeiten

Other observationsBearbeiten

  • One of the supervisors of the thesis is also the author of the source, such that she could have spotted the unattributed text parallels.

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