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Quelle: Sheikh 2009
Seite(n): 9, Zeilen: figure
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Fig. 2: Above row: a schematic pattern of propagation of spreading depression in human brain. Lower row: Traces recorded from human tissues. Vertical propagation of spreading depression reveals a very slow velocity of DC-negative deflection.

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Fig. 1. Propagation of a negative DC-potential wave after injection of KCl in a neocortical slice. Injection of KCl solution (3 M) via a microelectrode elicited spreading depression-like fluctuation during superfusion with artificial cerebrospinal fluid. Injecting and recording electrodes arranged as shown. Voltage variations were recorded simultaneously by four electrodes (DC1–DC4) which set apart by 1 mm.


There is no source given for this chart. On the precious page one finds at the end of the paragraph: "(Fig. 2; Gorji, 2001)", which could be interpreted as a reference of the figure. However, in Gorji (2001) the figure cannot be found.

(Hindemith) Schumann

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