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Graf Isolan, Hindemith
Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 56, Zeilen: 5-8
Quelle: Jürgensen 2006
Seite(n): 25, Zeilen: 10-12

The first and the most superficial layer of the onion represent words, gestures, pictures and objects that often include complex meanings that are recognized only by those who share this particular culture.

The outer and most superficial layer of the onion is symbols which are words, gestures, pictures, or objects carrying a special meaning that is only recognized by those who share the culture.

It is not clear, if Jürgensen (2006) is the real source. Still, it is proof that the sentences Cs uses have already existed in nearly the same form before her thesis in 2008. This probably comes from Hofstede (2001): “symbols are words, gestures, pictures, and objects that carry often complex meaning recognized as such only by those who share the culture” (2001, p.10). This quote can be found here. I have demoted the fragment to "verdaechtig", as it is short and also, because the theory it describes is attributed to Hofstede in the thesis. It is possible (albeit unlikely) that the chosen words have in the field of the thesis the quality of a well-known definition that cannot be expressed in other words.

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BearbeiterGraf Isolan und Hindemith
FragmentStatusZuSichten +
KuerzelCs +
QuelleJürgensen 2006 +
SeiteArbeit56 +
SeiteQuelle25 +
TypusVerdächtig +
ZeileArbeit5-8 +
ZeileQuelle10-12 +

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