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Activity orientation – being, containing and controlling, doing

Societies, which are primarily „being“, are emotional and the individuals act spontaneously according to their mood. Those, which are „doing“ orientated, are constantly striving to achieve. The people are ambitious and enjoy accomplish difficult tasks. Societies that are containing and controlling focus on moderation and orderliness. People try to achieve a balance in life and in society.

Human relationships – individual, lineal, co-lineal

Societies, which are primarily individual, believe that people should be independent and are responsible for their own actions. Those that are lineal are family orientated and accept hierarchies. Those that are co-lineal are group-orientated and emphasize group interactions and actions.

Activity Orientation: Being, Doing, Containing, and Controlling

Societies that are primarily "being"-oriented are emotional; people react spontaneously based on what they feel at the time. Those that are "doing"-oriented are constantly striving to achieve; people are driven by a need to accomplish difficult tasks. Those that are concerned with containing and controlling focus on moderation and orderliness; people seek to achieve a balance in life and in society.

Human Relationships: Individualistic, Lineal, Co-Lineal

Societies that are primarily individualistic believe that individuals should be independent and take responsibility for their own actions, Those that are lineal are concerned with the family line and the power structure that underlies a hierarchy. Those that are co-lineal are group-oriented and emphasize group interactions and actions.


Continuation from the previous page. Again she introduces slight changes (to the worse).<br/> By the way: Punnett has made a counting error, because she said that she wanted to consider "five problem areas", but then went on to present six. Cs fixes this error by just leaving out the last area "Space: Private, Public". Note that a very similar text can also be found in the textbook Global management (1995) (Page 301-303), B. Punnett is a co-author of this book, which might well have been the actual source for Cs.


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