Graf Isolan, Hindemith
Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 89, Zeilen: 18-21
Quelle: Trompenaars 1998
Seite(n): 70, Zeilen: 9-12, 22-23, 25-26, 27-29
In emotional cultures showing ones feelings e.g. smiling, laughing, grimacing, scowling and gesturing is socially acceptable, whether in corporate or private life. However, neutral cultures do not exhibit their feelings, but keep them carefully controlled and subdued.[FN 74] Trompenaars set the question in a workshop how the participants would behave if they were upset about something at work. According to Trompenaar´s findings it is least acceptable to show ones emotions in Ethiopia and Japan. Within Europe there is however a considerable variance, Austria is the most neutral (59 percent) and Spain, Italy and France (19 percent, 33 percent, 30 percent) the most emotional.

[FN 74: Trompenaars (1998), p. 70.]

Members of cultures which are affectively neutral do not telegraph their feelings but keep them carefully controlled and subdued. In contrast. In cultures high on affectivity people show their feelings plainly by laughing, smiling, grimacing, scowling and gesturing; [...]

A workshop exercise under this heading asks participants how they would behave if they felt upset about something at work. [...]

It is least acceptable in Ethiopia and Japan, [...] There are considerable variances between European countries, with Austria the most neutral (59%) and Spain, Italy and France the least (19%, 33% and 30%).


Although the reference is given, it is not made clear how much of the wording is from Trompenaars and how few is Cs's own. The take-over continues beyond the footnote. --> provisionally set to "verdaechtig", see discussion page


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