Graf Isolan, Hindemith
Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 90, Zeilen: 16-20
Quelle: Trompenaars 1998
Seite(n): 83, Zeilen: 7, 3-4, 8-11
Specific versus Diffuse

The fourth dimension analyses to what degree individuals get involved in areas of life with other people. Do people strive for a specific relationship, for example segregate out the task relationship and insolate this from other dealings, or is the culture more diffusely orientated and every level of life space and every level of personality tend to permeate all others.

[l. 7]<br/>Specific versus diffuse cultures

[l. 3-4]<br/>Closely related to whether we show emotions in dealing with other people is the degree to which we engage others in specific areas of life [...]

[l. 8-11]<br/>In specific-oriented cultures a manager segregates out the task relationship she or he has with a subordinate [and insulates this] from other dealings. But in some cultures every life space and every level of personality tend to permeate all others.


Cs once again takes over large parts of sentences from the second edition of Trompenaars. This time a remnant of the first edition (the bracketed phrase "and insulates this" from Trompenaars (1995), p. 73, l.9) can also be found, though Cs introduces a spelling mistake. No citation marked.


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