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Graf Isolan, Hindemith
Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 91, Zeilen: 13, 14-19
Quelle: Trompenaars 1998
Seite(n): 9-10, Zeilen: p. 9, 33-38(?) - p.10, 1-2
Achievement versus Ascription

[...] In so-called “ascription orientated” societies the status of an individual is attributed to birth, kinship, gender or age, but also to connections (who you know) and your educational record (which University did you graduate from). Achievement orientated means that the individual is regarded on what he/she has accomplished, thus the question would be “what did you study”.[FN 76]

[FN 76: Trompenaars (1998), p. 10.]

Achievement versus ascription. Achievement means that you are judged on what you have recently accomplished and on your record. Ascription means that status is attributed to you, by birth, kinship, gender or age, but also by your connections (who you know) and your educational record (a graduate of Tokyo University or Haute Ecole Polytechnique).

In an achievement culture, the first question is likely to be "What did you study?", [...]


Again, more than the footnote hints at has been taken over from Trompenaars. --> verdaechtig (see discussion page) (Hindemith)

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BearbeiterGraf Isolan und Hindemith
FragmentStatusZuSichten +
KuerzelCs +
QuelleTrompenaars 1998 +
SeiteArbeit91 +
SeiteQuelle9-10 +
TypusVerdächtig +
ZeileArbeit13, 14-19 +
ZeileQuellep. 9, 33-38(?) - p.10, 1-2 +

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