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Graf Isolan, Hindemith
Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 92, Zeilen: 4-6
Quelle: Trompenaars 1998
Seite(n): 95, Zeilen: 6-8
Furthermore Trompenaars also analysed the influence of region and discovered that there was a positive a correlation between Protestantism and achievement orientation whereas Catholics, Buddhists and Hindu cultures were more ascriptively orientated. Both figures show that there is a correlation between Protestantism and achievement orientation, with Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu cultures scoring considerably more ascriptively.

Mostly word-for-word - Cs made a typo when she wrote "region" instead of "religion", and introduced a number of grammatical errors ("Catholics, Buddhists and Hindu cultures"). No reference given to the original text, but it shows through in the stuttering "a positive a correlation", whereas the original phrasing only was "a correlation". (Remark: The page and line numbers given above refer to the first edition of Trompenaars.) --> verdaechtig (not 100% correct, but also not 100% sure, this could not count as an acceptable paraphrase -- reference is given at the end of the paragraph)


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