Parts of the introduction on pages 1 and 2 of the thesis are taken from Fernandez (2006) without referencing the source. This includes the entire literature review. In addition, this literature review pretends to be more scientific by giving actual page numbers - however, almost all of them are just the first page given by Fernandez, as listed in the table below:

Invented Page Numbers
Cs Fernandez
[FN 3: Gusio/Sapienza/Zingales (2006), pp. 23.] (pp is also plural) pp 23-48
[FN 4: Algan/Cahuc (2006a), p 715.] This is a Working Paper, no page numbers are given, but they tend not to be this thick. But the previous entry, Akerlof, G. and R. Kranton, gives pp 715-733.
[FN 5: Ichino/Maggi (2000), p. 1057.] pp 1057-1090
[FN 6: Barro/McCleary (2003), p. 760.] pp 760-781
[FN 7: Tabellini (2005), pp. 15.] Working paper with no page numbers
[FN 8: Greif (1994), p. 912, Greif (2005), pp. 7.] pp 912-950
[FN 9: Botticini/Eckstein (2005), p. 930.] pp 922-948

Also, Fernandez refers in a footnote to Stigler and Becker's De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum from 1977 that was reprinted in an anthology in 1990. Cs incorporates the footnote into her introduction and tries to enrich it by attributing a quote to Stigler and Becker that not only is not on the page given, it is not in the entire paper.

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