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Seite: 42, Zeilen: figure
Quelle: Hoenderop et al 2005
Seite(n): 1 (online source), Zeilen: figure
Dsa 42a diss.png

Figure nr. 10 - TRP family with its subgroups.

The vanilloids, the classical, the melastatin, the mucolipins (TRPML) and the polycystins (TRPP) (members of TRPN, TRPA not shown).

Dsa 42a source2.jpg

Fig. 2.

Mammalian TRP family tree. The evolutionary distance between the TRP channels is shown by the total branch lengths in point accepted mutations (PAM) units, which is the mean number of substitutions per 100 residues. The tree was calculated using the neighbor-joining method for human, rat, and mouse sequences. [From Clapham (74).]


Saparov 2007 is the source for the entire page, but it is only available in the Internet Archives without the illustrations. Saparov gives Hoenderop et al 2005 as the source for this illustration, and it is identical, although the caption in Dsa is the caption from Saparov 2007 and not the caption from Hoenderop et al 2005.

(Hindemith), WiseWoman

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