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Graf Isolan
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Seite: 22, Zeilen: 14-23
Quelle: Ibrahim Mehemeed 2003
Seite(n): 31-32, Zeilen: 31:36-39.40-41- 32:1-2
Any Islamic legal scholar will agree that the purpose of punishment is not

vengeance against the culprit. It rather aims at protecting society from the aggressions of legal offenders and to halt transgression and crime. It seeks to prevent further criminal acts and can also be understood as a warning against its repetition by others. In this sense, there is not much difference compared to Western systems of criminal law since both approaches aim at occupying a preventive as well as a curative role.

But in addition to those very general aims, Islam also sees punishment as a necessary requisite of divine justice and the Sharia “as the most prominent distillation of Islamic morals and law.”18

18 Forte, David F. Studies in Islamic Law, Oxford 1999, 236ff.

[Seite 31]

A punishment is a necessary remedy for treating a crime. Its purpose is not vengeance against the culprit; rather, its purpose is to protect society from the aggressions of transgressors and to purify their souls and put a stop to transgression and crime. [...] it is a necessary requisite of divine justice; it seeks to prevent crime before its incidence and is a warning against

[Seite 32]

its repetition. It thereby has a simultaneously preventive as well as curative role.


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(Graf Isolan)

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