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Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 37, Zeilen: 10-16
Quelle: Mallig 2006
Seite(n): 81, Zeilen: 2ff
A graphic representation of the infiltration of neutrophil granulocytes in the hepatic tissue can be found in Fig. 5. A middle to high degree of granulocyte inftltration could not be observed in any of the groups, In both the Fx-Shockgroup as well as the poly trauma group, however, half of the livers were infiltrated at a low grade with neutrophil granulocytes while the percentage in the CCI group was even lower. [...]


Mjm 3 Fig5.png

Eine graphische Darstellung der Infiltration neutrophiler Granulozyten in das Lebergewebe befindet sich in Abbildung 21.

In keiner der Versuchsgruppen konnte eine mittel- bis hochgradige Granulozyteninfiltration festgestellt werden. Sowohl bei der Fraktur-Schock-Gruppe als auch bei der Polytrauma-Gruppe war jedoch die Hälfte der Lebern geringgradig mit neutrophilen Granulozyten infiltriert. In der Schädelhirntrauma-Gruppe war der Anteil geringer (n.s.).

CM Abbildung21.png


The same results are presented, although the Mallig (2006) is not mentioned anywhere and although a different population of experimental mice must have been used:

According to the source, n=9 for the CCI group and n=10 for the Fx-Shock group as well as the Poly group. In the paper different sample sizes are claimed. (n=18 for the CCI group and the Fx-Shock group as well as n=15 for the Poly group (see abstract)).

Those sample sizes are not consistent with the figures, in particular the 50% result for the Poly group.

(Hindemith) Schumann
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FragmentStatusGesichtet +
KuerzelMjm +
QuelleMallig 2006 +
SeiteArbeit37 +
SeiteQuelle81 +
Sichter(Hindemith) Schumann
TypusÜbersetzungsPlagiat +
ZeileArbeit10-16 +
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