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Study of the influence of nanoparticles on the performance and the properties of polyamide 6

von Dr. Mohammad Reza Sarbandi

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Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 133, Zeilen: figure
Quelle: Mahfuz et al 2008
Seite(n): 7, Zeilen: figure
Mrs 133a diss2.png

Figure 8.11 FTIR spectra (a) pure PA6 fiber, (b) PA6 fiber with 0.5% silica, (c) PA6 fiber with 0.5 % modified silica.

Mrs 133a source2.png

Fig 8: FTIR Spectroscopy – (a) neat nylon 6, (b) nylon 6 with 1wt% silica, and (c) nylon 6 with 1 wt% functionalized silica.


The source is not mentioned here. The reader gets the wrong impression that he is presented with measurements of M. R. S.. Note that on the previous page 132, line 3, one reads:

"8.4.2. Results and discussion Part 2: nanocomposite fiber FTIR characterization of nanocomposite fibers
In order to determine the development of various functional bonds during polymerization, FTIR spectroscopy was performed. An FTIR experiment with polyamide 6 and with functionalized silica nanoparticles is shown in Figure 8.11."

Note also the caption: M. R. S. claims that slightly different fibers have been analysed in the dissertation as compared to the source.

Compare also the text before this figure on the previous page, which has also been taken from the source (and where the source is mentioned): Fragment 132 07

Close-ups of the green curve hitting the x-axis above:

Mrs 133a diss3.png Mrs 133a source3.png


  • graph in the dissertation is far more blurred than in the source (and also far more than other graphs in the dissertation)
  • The green curve touches the x-axis above in the same way in the dissertation as in the source --> a strong indication that the two graphs in fact are identical.
  • The graph titles are not part of the blurred bitmap of the graphs, but have been added separately, they are sharp and selectable as writing in the PDF version of the dissertation.
(Hindemith), SleepyHollow02

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