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Memon, Larsen (2006): Structural Analysis and Destabilizing Terrorist Networks in The 2006 International Conference on Data Mining (DMIN 2006), 296-302, CSREA Press (2006), 1-60132-004-3

Fragments from the documentation of suspected plagiarism found in the thesis of Nasrullah Memon are listed below if they also show parallels to Memon's publication given above. In order to see exactly what parallel exists between the source text of the fragment and the publication, one can follow these steps:

  • Open the online text comparison tool
  • Copy the full text of the publication into the right box of the tool
  • Click on a fragment listed below and copy the source text (right hand side of the fragment) into the left box of the tool
  • Press "Texte vergleichen", text parallels between Memon's publication and the source text are now marked in colour.
Note that while great care has been taken to avoid mistakes, this documentation does not comply with the standards that are routinely applied in the VroniPlag Wiki for the documentation of plagiarism in doctoral theses. In particular, these findings have not been double-checked.
Fragments Dissertation Pages Publication Comments
106 14
107 01
118 08
170 02
171 01
219 04
220 01
220 14
221 23
222 01
231 10

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