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Graf Isolan
Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 55, Zeilen: 3-7
Quelle: Shelley Picarelli 2002
Seite(n): 314-315, Zeilen: p.314,38-41 and p.315,1-2
Criminals and terrorists both engage in illicit activities. Money is the main motivation for transnational criminals; whereas for terrorists, this ordinary criminal activity is supported by their larger political and ideological objectives. Yet the crimes committed by both of the groups differ only in motive and not in substance. [p. 314]

International organized crime groups and terrorist groups both engage in illicit activity. The criminals involved in organized crime to this solely to make money. For terrorists, ordinary criminal activity is the way to support their larger political and ideological objectives.[...]

[p. 315]

[...] Yet, while the crimes committed by these two groups don’t differ in substance, they differ in motive.


The collage continues, but the source is still not mentioned.

(Graf Isolan), Hindemith

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