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Graf Isolan
Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 20, Zeilen: 26-33
Quelle: Xu and Chen 2003
Seite(n): 232-233, Zeilen: p.232,33-37 - p.233,1-2
It is very important to understand the structural network patterns in terms of subgroups and individual roles in order to understand the organization and operation of terrorist organizations. Such type of knowledge can be very helpful for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to disrupt terrorist networks and develop effective control strategies to fight war against terrorism. For example, arrest of central members in a network may affect the operation of a network and put a [terrorist organization out of action (Baker, W. E., Faulkner R. R., 1993; McAndrew, D., 1999; Sparrow, M. K., 1991).] [p. 232]

Structural network patterns in terms of subgroups, between-group interactions, and individual roles thus are important to understanding the organization, structure, and operation of criminal enterprises. Such knowledge can help law enforcement and intelligence agencies disrupt criminal networks and develop effective control strategies to combat organized crimes such as narcotic trafficking and terrorism. For exam-

[p. 233]

ple, removal of central members in a network may effectively upset the operational network and put a criminal enterprise out of action [3, 17, 21].

[EN 3] Baker, W. E., Faulkner R. R.: The social organization of conspiracy: illegal networks in the heavy electrical equipment industry. American Sociological Review, Vol. 58, No. 12. (1993) 837–860.

[EN 17] McAndrew, D.: The structural analysis of criminal networks. In: Canter, D., Alison, L. (eds.): The Social Psychology of Crime: Groups, Teams, and Networks, Offender Profiling Series, III, Aldershot, Dartmouth (1999) 53–94.

[EN 21] Sparrow, M. K.: The application of network analysis to criminal intelligence: An assessment of the prospects. Social Networks, Vol. 13. (1991) 251–274.


Nm again takes the original source and rewrites it with respect to terrorists using the structure, a number of longer phrases and the original references.

(Graf Isolan), Bummelchen

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