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• Passive supporters are motivated by the announced goals of the terrorist organization. They may have ideological sympathy with the terrorist organization, however they are not committed enough to take any action. Passive supporters are often unaware of their real relation with the terrorist

organization. However, they are used for political activities, fund raising campaigns, gathering assisting in gathering intelligence and other nonviolent activities. Sometimes fear of reprisal from terrorists is a compelling factor in passive support.

• Passive Supporters are typically individuals or groups that are sympathetic to the announced goals and intentions of the terrorist organization, but are not committed enough to take action. They may not be aware of their precise relation to the terrorist group, and interface with a front that hides the overt connection to the terrorist group. Sometimes fear of reprisal from terrorists is a compelling factor in passive support. Sympathizers can be useful for political activities, fund raising, and unwitting or coerced assistance in intelligence gathering or other non-violent activities.

continuation from previous page - the source is only mentioned as reference for figure 2.1. on the same page, but not as reference for anything else.

On this and the next page, Nm will present more or less word-for-word the description of each of the four "levels of commitment", which can be found in the source, by using large chunks of the original wording and putting it together with slightly different "stuffing". Another "major" change he will introduce is the permutation of the order of the various descriptions ("bottum-up" instead of "top-down").

(Graf Isolan), Hindemith

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