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Title Pages of the thesis analysed in the Vroniplag Wiki

The PhD thesis of Nasrullah Memon analysed in the VroniPlag Wiki has the following characteristics:

As reported by the Danish press (e.g. [1], [2] or [3]), N. Memon seems to claim that he was exposed to a plot, and the thesis analysed in the VroniPlag Wiki was not the same thesis he has submitted for examination and revised in 2007. While VroniPlag Wiki naturally cannot provide ultimate proof that the thesis analysed is in fact the same as the thesis originally submitted by N. Memon, there is convincing evidence that there was no such plot and the real thesis was analysed:

  • The physical copy of the thesis deposited in the Aarhus University library (see here) has been checked and was found to be identical to the thesis analysed in the Wiki.
  • The PDF file analysed in the VroniPlag Wiki was created in December 2007 according to file properties and available for download from Memon's SDU website until 2011 according to an anonymous informant. The same version of the thesis was sent to the VroniPlag Wiki by two individuals separately.
  • Many of the publications Memon has (co-)authored before as well as after the submission of the thesis contain text that can be found identically or almost identically in the version of Memon's thesis that has been analysed in the VroniPlag Wiki. This includes about half of the text that has been identified as plagiarism in Memon's thesis (see here). For an overview of Memon's publications other than the PhD thesis that contain copied text, see here.
    • 15 of those publications have already been retracted by the publisher (see here), many more contain text that originally was not written by the authors and might be retracted in the future.
  • Memon cites his own thesis in many of his (co-)authored publications (see here). Sometimes he even cites his PhD thesis for text that he has copied into his PhD thesis from unreferenced sources (for a detailed overview, see this table of quotations).

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