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This press listing contains press mentions (print, TV, online) with clear relation to the case under consideration.

14. January 2014 Bearbeiten

  • Copy, Shake, and Paste (Blog): Just an Erratum? (Debora Weber-Wulff) "Why would a scientific publisher (and not a junk journal or other shady operation) not swiftly remove such a paper from their online offerings once they learn of it?"

10. January 2014 Bearbeiten

  • Retraction Watch (Blog): A retracted retraction: Backsies for an anti-terrorism paper (Ivan Oransky) "Springer’s Anna Kramer tells Retraction Watch: 'This shouldn’t have been a retraction and this has now been corrected. An Erratum was inserted, which was intentional and is still there. The paper is not being corrected.'"

8. January 2014 Bearbeiten

  • Retraction Watch (Blog): Anti-terrorism researcher notches ninth retraction — or does he? (Ivan Oransky) "Memon’s chapter in Advanced Data Mining and Applications, which “constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications, ADMA 2007, held in Harbin, China in August 2007,” is now marked “retracted.” [...] But Memon tells us the paper is not being retracted, only corrected."

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