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Hierarchy’s ability to take the role of network (organizational) architect and devise new ways of dividing labour allows a new set of frames to emerge. A new decomposition allows a new set of informational inputs to percolate through the network, and for new views to be formed [25] [26]. This is the cybernetic control function of hierarchy.

Hierarchy can also help to provide some real-time control of terrorist network’s (organization) routine mode of operation, at the level of both actions and cognition. In terms of action, it can step in to block routines that are not functional and override or restructure a proposed course of action to the extent possible.

25. Simon, H.A.: The Architecture of Complexity. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc. 106, 467–482 (1962)

26. Jacobides, M.: The Architecture and Design of Organizational Capabilities. Indust. Corporate Change 15(1), 115–169 (2006)

Second, hierarchy’s ability to take the role of the “organizational architect”, and devise new ways of breaking up the tasks, and new types of units provides the opportunity for a new set of “frames” to emerge. A new “decomposition”, a new structure leads to a new set of inputs to come through to the

[page 8]

organization, and for new views to be formed (see Simon, 1962; Jacobides, 2006).7 This is the “cybernetic control” function of hierarchy.

Third, there is another important role for hierarchy, and that is to provide real-time control of the organization’s routine mode of operation, at the level of both actions and cognition. Hierarchy, in principle, provides the ability of stepping in (a) to “block” routines that are not functional, and override the proposed or emerging course of action of a part of the organization; [...]

7 [...]

Jacobides, M.G., 2006. The Architecture and Design of Organizational Capabilities, Industrial and Corporate Change 15(1): 151-169.

Simon, H.A.. 1962. The architecture of complexity. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 106 467-482.Simon, H.A.. 1962 [1988]. Sciences of the Artificial. MIT Press, Harvard MA.


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