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Quelle Autor Hrsg. Titel Verlag Jahr Lit.-V. FN Frags.
Aal/Ahsan und Altaf 2009 Raania Ahsan und Zafar Altaf** - Development, Adoption and Performance of Bt Cotton in Pakistan: A Review - 2009 nein nein
Aal/Banuri 1998 Tariq Banuri International Institute for Sustainable Development Pakistan: Environmental Impact of Cotton Production and Trade - 1998 ja ja
Aal/Farooq 2009 Omer Farooq Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance Agriculture - 2009 ja ja
Aal/ICIMOD 1998 International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) UNEP Environment Assessment Programme for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok Land Cover Assessment and Monitoring. Pakistan - 1998 ja ja
Aal/Wikipedia Punjab Pakistan 2009 - - Punjab, Pakistan - 2009 nein nein

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