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Af/Ahmar 2004Tasneem Ahmar-Gender and Media: Pakistan Perspective-2004yesyes4
Af/Alavi 1991Hamza AlaviHastings Donnan and Pnina WerbnerPakistani Women in a Changing SocietyPalgrave Macmillan1991nono9
Af/Asian Development Bank 2000-Asian development Bank, Programs Department (West) and Office of Environment and Social DevelopmentWomen in Pakistan-2000nono6
Af/Bahramitash 2003Roksana Bahramitash-Islamic Fundamentalism and Women’s Economic Role: The Case of Iran-2003yesno1
Af/Blood 1995Peter R. BloodLibrary of Congress, Federal Research Division; edited by Peter R. BloodPakistan. A country studyU.S. Gov. Print. Off1995nono1
Af/Development of Education 2004-Ministry of Education, Government of PakistanThe Development of Education. National Report of Pakistan-2004nono2
Af/Durrant and Sathar 2000Durrant, Valerie L. and Sathar, Zeba A.-Greater Investments in Children Through Women’s Empowerment: A Key to Demographic Change in Pakistan?-2000nono1
Af/Engineer 2002Asghar Ali EngineerCentre for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS), Institute of Islamic StudiesWestern Feminism or Rights of Women in Islam-2002nono2
Af/Executive summary Pakistan Economic Survey 2004-05--Executive summary of Economic Survey 2004-05-2005nono3
Af/ILO 1999International Labor Organization--1999nono1
Af/Khan and Qureshi 1996Amanullah Khan / Asma Fozia Qureshi-Women in the Informal Labor Market in a Developing Metropolis: Agents for Change-1996yesyes3
Af/Mirza 1999Jasmin Mirza-Accommodating Purdah to the Workplace: Gender Relations in the Office Sector in Pakistan-1999nono3
Af/Mumtaz and Shaheed 1987-Khawar Mumtaz and Farida ShaheedWomen of Pakistan. Two steps forward, one step back?Zed Books1987yesyes1
Af/Müller 2004Kerstin Müller-Opening of the Conference "Women in the Islamic World - Muslim Women in Germany: Positive Role Models"-2004nono3
Af/Naqvi and Shahnaz 2002Zareen F. Naqvi and Lubna Shahnaz-How Do Women Decide to Work in Pakistan?-2002yesyes6
Af/Nasir 2000Aysha NasirPageWise, IncThe facets of the women of Pakistan-2000nono3
Af/Ndjonkou 2005Djankou NdjonkouUnited Nations - International Labour OrganizationCombating gender inequalities in the labour market is key to achieving the Millennium Development Goals-2005nono2
Af/Pakistan Economic Survey 2004-2005-Government of Pakistan, Ministry of FinanceEconomic Survey 2004-2005-2005nono5
Af/Pakistan Federal Bureau of Statistics 2004Government of Pakistan, Statistics Division, Federal Bureau of Statistics-Labour Force Survey 2003-2004-2004yesyes1
Af/Randall 1987Vicky Randall-Women and Politics. An International PerspectiveThe University of Chicago Press1987nono1
Af/Sharif 2000Muhammad Bilal SharifPageWise, Inc.Women's rights in Pakistan-2000nono1
Af/Sharma 2005Kalpana Sharma-Inspiration from Pakistan-2005nono2
Af/Trapped Butterflies 2002Zane, Khurram, Xaenub and Saima.-Trapped Butterflies-2002nono1
Af/Vanhanen 2004Tatu Vanhanen-Problems of Democracy in Ethnically Divided South Asian Countries-2004nono1
Af/Weiss 1995Anita M. WeissLibrary of Congress, Federal Research Division; edited by Peter R. BloodThe Society and Its Environment (chapter 2)U.S. Gov. Print. Off1995nono1
Af/World Bank 1990-The World BankWomen in Pakistan. An Economic and Social Strategy-1990yesyes4
Af/Young 1974Robert M. Young-Braverman's Labour and Monopoly Capital-1974nono1
Af/Zafar 2003Imran Zafar-Female labour force in agriculture-2003nono1

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