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Ama/Archick 2005Kristin Archick-The European Union: Questions and Answers-2005nono2
Ama/Armstrong 2003Kenneth ArmstrongNeil WalkerUnited Kingdom — Divided Sovereignty-2003yesyes2
Ama/BBC 2005BBC News-Srebrenica 10 years on: Your views-2005noyes2
Ama/BBC 2007--EU constitution: Where member states standBBC2007yesyes1
Ama/Bechev 2004Dimitar Bechev-Between Enlargement and CFSP: the EU and the Western Balkans-2004nono6
Ama/Berlin Wall Online 2009b--Berlin Wall online - The Fall of the Berlin Wall-2009noyes1
Ama/Berlin Wall online 2009a--Berlin Wall online - Brief historical overview-2009noyes1
Ama/Blacksell 1997Mark Blacksell-State and nation: Germany since reunificationIntellect1997yesyes1
Ama/Boka 2008Eva Boka-Rethinking European Supranationalism in a Historical Perspective-2008nono2
Ama/Bowman 2002Steven R. BowmanCongressional Research Service -- The Library of CongressBosnia: U.S. Military Operations-2002yesyes1
Ama/COM 2006 549 final--Monitoring report on the state of preparedness for EU membership of Bulgaria and Romani-2006yesyes1
Ama/COM 2006 649 final--Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 2006 – 2007 Including annexed special report on the EU's capacity to integrate new members-2006yesyes2
Ama/COM 2008 127 final-Commission of the European communitiesWestern Balkans: Enhancing the European perspective: COM(2008) 127 final-2008noyes4
Ama/Calin 2003Daniel Calin-Nato and the EU in the Balkans - a comparison-2003nono3
Ama/Chalmers et al 2006Damian Chalmers, Christos Hadjiemmanuil, Giorgio Monti, Adam Tomkins-European Union Law. Text and Materials -- Updated 2008 VersionCambridge University Press2008yesyes11
Ama/Chesterman et al 2016Simon Chesterman, Ian Johnstone, David M. Malone-Law and Practice of the United Nations, 2nd EditionOxford University Press2016yesyes1
Ama/Chopin Jamet 2008Thierry Chopin, Jean-François Jamet-How to unblock the EU’s unanimity stalemate-2008nono1
Ama/Commission 2006COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES-Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 2006 – 2007. Including annexed special report on the EU's capacity to integrate new members-2006yesyes1
Ama/Duff 2006Andrew Duff-Plan B: How to Rescue the European Constitution-2006yesyes1
Ama/EU at UN 2007--Overview: the European Union at the United Nations-2007noyes1
Ama/Economist 2008--The unanimity problem-2008nono2
Ama/Euractiv 2002-Euractiv.comThe perils of a European Constitution-2002nono3
Ama/Euractiv 2003-Euractiv.comThe European Convention and EU Foreign Policy: Learning from Failure-2003nono4
Ama/European Commission 2005Directorate-General for Communication (European Commission)-A world player, The European Union’s external relations-2005nono2
Ama/European Commission 2007European Commission-Frequently asked questions on the Stabilisation and Association Agreements-2007nono2
Ama/European Convention 2002The European Convention-Final report of Working Group III on Legal Personality-2002noyes2
Ama/Europedia 2007Nicholas Moussis-6. The EU common market-2007nono2
Ama/Fride 2007Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior (FRIDE)-The EU’s Challenge in Kosovo-2007nono2
Ama/Haine 2003Jean-Yves HaineInstitute for Security Studies (ISS)From Laeken to Copenhagen European defence: core documents-2003yesyes2
Ama/Historiasiglo20 2008--The Origins 1945-1957-2008noyes3
Ama/House of Commons 2007--EU Enlargement: the Western Balkans-2007yesyes6
Ama/House of Commons 2008--Select Committee on European Scrutiny Twentieth Report : The accession process in the Western Balkans-2008nono1
Ama/House of Lords 2006-House of LordsEurope in the World, 48th Report of Session 2005–06-2006nono2
Ama/House of Lords 2008-House of LordsAdapting the EU’s approach to today’s security challenges— the Review of the 2003 European Security Strategy-2008yesyes3
Ama/Juncos 2005Ana E. Juncos-The EU’s post-Conflict Intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina: (re)Integrating the Balkans and/or (re)Inventing the EU?1-2005yesyes6
Ama/Kaczorowska 2008Alina Kaczorowska-European Union LawRoutledge2008yesyes4
Ama/Kaczynski et al 2008Piotr Maciej Kaczyński, Sebastian Kurpas, Peadar ó BroinEPINRatification of the Lisbon Treaty: Ireland is not the only problem-2008yesyes2
Ama/Kopper 2008Gerd KopperDeutsche WelleEurope Needs Better Ideas, Communication, Expert Says-2008noyes1
Ama/Krapohl 2006Sebastian Krapohl-European Integration-2006nono1
Ama/Marktler 2006Tanja Marktler-The power of the Copenhagen criteria-2006nono3
Ama/Medved 2001Felicita Medved-Interaction between nationality and integration-2001nono1
Ama/Murphy 2006Alexander B. Murphy-The May 2004 Enlargement of the European Union: View from Two Years OutBellwether Publishing2006yesyes3
Ama/ 2003--EU-Russia summit St. Petersburg, 31 May 2003-2003nono1
Ama/Piris 2006Jean-Claude Piris-The Constitution for Europe: A Legal AnalysisCambridge University Press2006yesyes4
Ama/Pollack 2003Mark A. Pollack-The Engines of European Integration. Delegation, Agency, and Agenda Setting in the EUOxford University Press2003yesyes1
Ama/Ruga and Mertus 1999Glenn Ruga with help by Julie MertusCenter for Balkan DevelopmentHistory of the war in Kosovo-1999nono4
Ama/Schilder Hausschild 2005Klaus Schilder, Tobias HauschildFriedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, terre des hommes, World Economy, Ecology and Development (WEED)Civilian Perspective or Security Strategy? European Development Policy Confronting New Challenges in Foreign and Security Policy-2005nono3
Ama/Smith 2006Karen E. SmithFrederik Söderbaum, Luk van LangenhoveThe EU and Central and Eastern Europe: the Absence of InterregionalismRutledge2006nono2
Ama/Stiglmayer 1994Alexandra StiglmayerAlexandra StiglmayerThe War in the Former YugoslaviaUniversity of Nebraska Press1994yesyes4
Ama/Stuart 2003Paul StuartInternational Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)EU takes over NATO’s mission in Macedonia-2003yes (albeit with the wrong title)yes4
Ama/Thiel 2006Markus ThielJean Monnet Chair of the University of MiamiEurope as a model for transnational peace? Identity changes in emerging regional integration blocs of the Global South-2006nono1
Ama/Toal et al 2006Gearóid Ó Tuathail (Gerard Toal), John O’Loughlin, Dino Djipa-Bosnia-Herzegovina Ten Years after Dayton: Constitutional Change and Public OpinionV. H. Winston & Son2006nono2
Ama/Toonen et al 2005Theo A. J. Toonen, Bernard Steunenberg, Wim Voermans-Saying No to a European Constitution: Dutch Revolt, Enigma or Pragmatism?-2005nono1
Ama/Treaty of Maastricht 1992European Union-Treaty of Maastricht-1992noyes1
Ama/Weiler 1999Joseph Weiler-The Constitution of Europe: 'Do the New Clothes Have an Emperor?' and Other Essays on European IntegrationCambridge University Press1999yesyes1
Ama/Wikipedia Citizenship 2008--Citizenship of the European Union(Wikipedia)2008nono1
Ama/Wikipedia Sovereignity 2007--Sovereignty(Wikipedia)2007nono1
Ama/Woods Watson 2014Lorna Woods, Philippa Watson-Steiner & Woods Eu LawOxford University Press2014yesyes2
Ama/Xhaferaj 2002Ferdinand Xhaferaj-Building up a strategy for de-Balkanizing the Balkans: stability and prosperity in South Eastern Europe-2002nono2
Ama/Yoder 1997Amos Yoder-The Evolution of the United Nations SystemTaylor & Francis1997yes (1996)yes2
Ama/Ziller 2003Jacques ZillerNeil WalkerSovereignty in France: Getting Rid of the Mal de Bodin-2003yesyes4
Ama/ 2005--Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community, ECSC Treatywww.europa.eu2005noyes1
Ama/ 2008--Uniting Europe step by step - the treatieswww.europa.eu2008noyes1

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