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Quelle Autor Hrsg. Titel Verlag Jahr Lit.-V. FN Frags.
Asa/DeNucci et al 2009 Christopher C. DeNucci, Jason S. Mitchell, and Yoji Shimizu - Integrin function in T-cell homing to lymphoid and nonlymphoid sites: getting there and staying there - 2009 no no
Asa/Janeway 2002 Charles A. Janeway, Jr. and Ruslan Medzhitov - Innate immune recognition - 2002 no no
Asa/Rudolph et al 2006 Markus G. Rudolph, Robyn L. Stanfield, and Ian A.Wilson - How TCRs Bind MHCs, Peptides, and Coreceptors - 2006 ja ja
Asa/Smith-Garvin et al 2009 Jennifer E. Smith-Garvin, Gary A. Koretzky, and Martha S. Jordan - T Cell Activation - 2009 no yes
Asa/Thatcher et al 2000 T. H.Thatcher, D. P. O'Brien, S. Altuwaijri, R. K. Barth - Increasing the frequency of T-cell precursors speci®c for a cryptic epitope of hen-egg lysozyme converts it to an immunodominant epitope - 2000 no no

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