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Quelle Autor Hrsg. Titel Verlag Jahr Lit.-V. FN Frags.
Haw/Buschmann and Schaper 1999 I. Buschmann, W. Schaper - Arteriogenesis Versus Angiogenesis: Two Mechanisms of Vessel Growth - 1999 ja ja
Haw/Dbouk et al 2009 Hashem A Dbouk, Rana M Mroue, Marwan E El-Sabban, Rabih S Talhouk - Connexins: a myriad of functions extending beyond assembly of gap junction channels - 2009 ja ja
Haw/Ebong et al 2006 Eno Essien Ebong, Sanghee Kim, Natacha DePaola - Flow regulates intercellular communication in HAEC by assembling functional Cx40 and Cx37 gap junctional channels - 2006 ja ja
Haw/Figueroa and Duling 2009 Xavier F. Figueroa, Brian R. Duling - Gap Junctions in the Control of Vascular Function - 2009 nein nein
Haw/Heil and Schaper 2004 Matthias Heil, Wolfgang Schaper - Influence of Mechanical, Cellular, and Molecular Factors on Collateral Artery Growth (Arteriogenesis) - 2004 ja ja
Haw/Limbourg et al 2009 Anne Limbourg, Thomas Korff, L Christian Napp, Wolfgang Schaper, Helmut Drexler, Florian P Limbourg - Evaluation of postnatal arteriogenesis and angiogenesis in a mouse model of hind-limb ischemia - 2009 nein nein
Haw/Moor instruments 2006 - Moor instruments Basic Theory and Operating Principles of Laser Doppler Blood Flow Monitoring and Imaging (LDF & LDI), Issue 1. - 2006 nein ja
Haw/Schaper 2009 Wolfgang Schaper - Collateral circulation Past and present Springer 2009 ja ja
Haw/Schaper and Scholz 2003 Wolfgang Schaper, Dimitri Scholz American Heart Association Factors Regulating Arteriogenesis - 2003 ja ja
Haw/Van Oostrom et al 2008 Melany C. van Oostrom, Olivia van Oostrom, Paul H. A. Quax, Marianne C. Verhaar, Imo E. Hoefer - Insights into mechanisms behind arteriogenesis: what does the future hold? - 2008 ja ja
Haw/Wikipedia Connexin 2010 - - Connexin (Wikipedia) 2010 nein nein
Haw/Willems 2009 Sanne Willem - The potential role of monocytelymphocyte interaction in arteriogenesis - 2009 nein nein
Haw/Zagorchev et al 2010 Lyubomir Zagorchev, Pierre Oses, Zhen W Zhuang, Karen Moodie, Mary Jo Mulligan-Kehoe, Michael Simons, Thierry Couffinhal - Micro computed tomography for vascular exploration - 2010 ja ja

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