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Quelle Autor Hrsg. Titel Verlag Jahr Lit.-V. FN Frags.
Iam/Butterfield et al 2006 Timothy A. Butterfield, Thomas M. Best, Mark A. Merrick National Athletic Trainers’ Association The Dual Roles of Neutrophils and Macrophages in Inflammation: A Critical Balance Between Tissue Damage and Repair - 2006 yes yes
Iam/Christiansen et al 2006 Hans Christiansen, Danko Batusic, Bernhard Saile, Robert Michael Hermann, Jozsef Dudas, Margret Rave-Fränk, Clemens Friedrich Hess, Heinz Schmidberger, Giuliano Ramadorib Radiation Research Society Identification of Genes Responsive to Gamma Radiation in Rat Hepatocytes and Rat Liver by cDNA Array Gene Expression Analysis - 2006 yes yes
Iam/Christiansen et al 2007 Hans Christiansen, Nadeem Sheikh, Bernhard Saile, Felix Reuter, Margret Rave-Fränk, Robert M. Hermann, Jozsef Dudas, Andrea Hille, Clemens Friedrich Hess, Giuliano Ramadori - x-Irradiation in Rat Liver: Consequent Upregulation of Hepcidin and Downregulation of Hemojuvelin and Ferroportin-1 Gene Expression - 2007 yes yes
Iam/Hawkins and Dawson 2006 Maria A. Hawkins, Laura A. Dawson American Cancer Society Radiation Therapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Wiley 2006 no no
Iam/Kamrava et al 2009 Mitchell Kamrava, Michael B. Bernstein, Kevin Camphausen, James W. Hodge The Royal Society of Chemistry Combining radiation, immunotherapy, and antiangiogenesis agents in the management of cancer: the Three Musketeers or just another quixotic combination? - 2009 yes yes
Iam/Leach et al 2001 J. Kevin Leach, Glenn Van Tuyle, Peck-Sun Lin, Rupert Schmidt-Ullrich, Ross B. Mikkelsen - Ionizing Radiation-induced, Mitochondria-dependent Generation of Reactive Oxygen/Nitrogen - 2001 yes yes
Iam/Lin 2008 Michelle Lin - Facilitation of neutrophil migration through the corneal stroma during keratitis- MMP-8 and chemokines - 2008 no no
Iam/Lin et al 2006 Michelle Lin, Eric Carlson, Eugenia Diaconu and Eric Pearlman - CXCL1/KC and CXCL5/LIX are produced selectively by corneal fibroblasts and mediate neutrophil infiltration to the corneal stroma in LPS keratitis - 2006 no no
Iam/Luo et al 2005 Jun-Li Luo, Hideaki Kamata, Michael Karin - IKK/NF-κB signaling: balancing life and death — a new approach to cancer therapy - 2005 yes yes
Iam/Malik et al 2010 Ihtzaz Ahmed Malik, Federico Moriconi, Nadeem Sheikh, Naila Naz, Sajjad Khan, Jozsef Dudas, Tümen Mansuroglu, Clemens Friedrich Hess, Margret Rave-Fränk, Hans Christiansen, and Giuliano Ramadori - Single-Dose Gamma-Irradiation Induces Up-Regulation of Chemokine Gene Expression and Recruitment of Granulocytes into the Portal Area but Not into Other Regions of Rat Hepatic Tissue - 2010 yes no
Iam/Matsumura et al 2008 Satoko Matsumura, Baomei Wang, Noriko Kawashima, Steve Braunstein, Michelle Badura, Thomas O. Cameron, James S. Babb, Robert J. Schneider, Silvia C. Formenti, Michael L. Dustin and Sandra Demaria - Radiation-induced CXCL16 release by breast cancer cells attracts effector T cells - 2008 yes yes
Iam/Moriconi et al 2008 Federico Moriconi, Hans Christiansen, Dirk Raddatz, Joszef Dudas, Robert Michael Hermann, Margret Rave-Fränk, Nadeem Sheikh, Bernhard Saile, Clemens Friedrich Hess, Giuliano Ramadori - Effect of Radiation on Gene Expression of Rat Liver Chemokines: In vivo and in vitro Studies - 2008 yes yes
Iam/Quesaraku et al. 2009 Blendi Quesaraku, Joszef Dudas, Marget Rave-Fränk, Clemens Friedrich Hess, Giuliano Ramadori, Bernhard Saile, Hans Christiansen - Effect of tumour necrosis factor-α and irradiation alone or in combination on the viability of hepatocellular and biliary adenocarcinoma cell lines in vitro - 2009 Ja -
Iam/Robbins and Zhao 2007 M.E.C. Robbins, W. Zhao G. Ali Qureshi and S. Hassan Parvez Oxidative Stress and Radiation-Induced Late Normal Tissue Injury Elsevier 2007 no no
Iam/Sheikh 2006 Nadeem Sheikh - Regulation of gene expression of hepcidin and of other proteins of the iron metabolism in the liver and in the extrahepatic tissues: in vivo and in vitro studies in different rat models. - 2006 no no
Iam/Wouters et al 2007 An Wouters, Bea Pauwels, Filip Lardon, Jan B. Vermorren - Review: Implications of In Vitro Research on the Effect of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Under Hypoxic Conditions - 2007 yes yes
Iam/Zibrova 2004 Darya Zibrova - Adenovirus-mediated gene transfer of FK506-binding proteins FKBP12.6 and FKBP12 in failing and non-failing rabbit ventricular myocytes - 2004 no no

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