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Quelle Autor Hrsg. Titel Verlag Jahr Lit.-V. FN Frags.
Jem/Behzadi et al 2004 A. Behzadi, R.I. Issa, H. Rusche - Modelling ofdispersed bubble and droplet at high phase fractions - 2004 no no
Jem/Hadef and Lenze 2005 R. Hadef, B. Lenze - Measurements of droplets characteristics in a swirl-stabilized spray flame - 2005 no no
Jem/Ko and Ryou 2005 Gwon Hyun Ko, HongSun Ryou - Droplet collision processes in an inter-spray impingement system - 2006 yes yes
Jem/Kollar et al 2005 László E. Kollár, Masoud Farzaneh, Anatolij R. Karev - Modeling droplet collision and coalescence in an icing wind tunnel and the influence of these processes on droplet size distribution - 2005 no no
Jem/Laurent et al 2003 Frédérique Laurent, Marc Massot, Philippe Villedieu - Eulerian multi-fluid modeling for the numerical simulation of coalescence in polydisperse dense liquid sprays - 2004 no no
Jem/Schmehl et al 1999 R. Schmehl, H. Rosskamp, M. Willmann, S. Wittig - CFD analysis of spray propagation and evaporation including wall film formation and spray/film interactions - 1999 no no
Jem/Tatschl et al 2002 Reinhard Tatschl, Christopher v. Künsberg Sarre, Eberhard v. Berg - IC-engine Spray modelling – status and Outlook - 2002 no no

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