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Quelle Autor Hrsg. Titel Verlag Jahr Lit.-V. FN Frags.
Jm/Beckner 2004 Victoria Elizabeth Beckner - The effects of stress on different stages of memory - 2004 no no
Jm/Beckner et al 2006 Victoria E. Beckner, David M. Tucker, Yvon Delville, David C. Mohr American Psychological Association Stress Facilitates Consolidation of Verbal Memory for a Film but Does Not Affect Retrieval - 2006 yes yes
Jm/Curran 1999 T. Curran - The electrophysiology of incidental and intentional retrieval: ERP old/new effects in lexical decision and recognition memory - 1999 yes yes
Jm/Curran and Cleary 2002 Tim Curran, Anne M. Cleary - Using ERPs to dissociate recollection from familiarity in picture recognition Elsevier 2003 no no
Jm/Dalton 1993 Pamela Dalton - The role of stimulus in context-dependent recognition - 1993 yes yes
Jm/Debiec et al 2002 Jacek Debiec, Joseph E. LeDoux, Karim Nader - Cellular and Systems Reconsolidation in the Hippocampus Cell Press 2002 yes yes
Jm/Dickerson and Kemeny 2004 Sally S. Dickerson and Margaret E. Kemeny - Acute Stressors and Cortisol Responses: A Theoretical Integration and Synthesis of Laboratory Research - 2004 yes yes
Jm/Goh et al 2004 Joshua O. S. Goh, Soon Chun Siong, Denise Park, Angela Gutchess, Andy Hebrank, Michael W. L. Chee Society for Neuroscience Cortical Areas Involved in Object, Background, and Object– Background Processing Revealed with Functional Magnetic Resonance Adaptation - 2004 yes yes
Jm/Hayes et al 2007 Scott M. Hayes, Lynn Nadel, Lee Ryan - The Effect of Scene Context on Episodic Object Recognition: Parahippocampal Cortex Mediates Memory Encoding and Retrieval Success - 2007 yes yes
Jm/Hupbach et al 2007 Almut Hupbach, Rebecca Gomez, Oliver Hardt, Lynn Nadel - Reconsolidation of episodic memories: A subtle reminder triggers integration of new information Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press 2007 yes yes
Jm/Jackson 2007 Craig Jackson Society of Occupational Medicine The General Health Questionnaire Oxford University Press 2007 no no
Jm/Kahn et al 2008 Itamar Kahn, Jessica R. Andrews-Hanna, Justin L. Vincent, Abraham Z. Snyder, Randy L. Buckner American Physiological Society Distinct Cortical Anatomy Linked to Subregions of the Medial Temporal Lobe Revealed by Intrinsic Functional Connectivity - 2008 no no
Jm/Kuhlmann et al 2005 Sabrina Kuhlmann, Marcel Piel and Oliver T. Wolf - Impaired Memory Retrieval after Psychosocial Stress in Healthy Young Men - 2005 yes yes
Jm/Lee 2009 Jonathan L. C. Lee - Reconsolidation: maintaining memory relevance - 2009 yes yes
Jm/Lee et al 2005 Jonathan L.C. Lee, Patricia Di Ciano, Kerrie L. Thomas and Barry J. Everitt - Disrupting Reconsolidation Report of Drug Memories Reduces Cocaine-Seeking Behavior - 2005 yes yes
Jm/Manns et al 2000 Joseph R. Manns, Craig E. L. Stark, Larry R. Squire - The visual paired-comparison task as a measure of declarative memory - 2000 yes yes
Jm/NUI Galway 2006 - Department of Psychology, NUI Galway Cortisol analysis laboratory - 2006 no no
Jm/Nadel 2008 Lynn Nadel Sheri J.Y. Mizumori The Hippocampus and Context Revisited Oxford University Press 2008 no yes
Jm/Nadel et al 2002 L. Nadel, J.D. Payne, W.J. Jacobs - The Relationship Between Episodic Memory and Context: Clues from Memory Errors Made While Under Stress - 2002 yes yes
Jm/Nadel et al 2007 Lynn Nadel, Jenna Campbell, Lee Ryan - AutobiographicalMemory Retrieval and Hippocampal Activation as a Function of Repetition and the Passage of Time Hindawi Publishing Corporation 2007 no no
Jm/Neill and Dias 2001 James T. Neill, Katica L. Dias - Adventure Education and Resilience: The Double-Edged Sword - 2001 yes yes
Jm/Nyberg et al 1996 Lars Nyberg, Roberto Cabeza, Endel Tulving Psychonomic Society PET studies of encoding and retrieval: The HERA model - 1996 yes yes
Jm/Payne et al. 2008 Jessica D. Payne, Robert Stickgold, Kelley Swanberg, Elizabeth A. Kensinger - Sleep Preferentially Enhances Memory for Emotional Components of Scenes - 2008 yes yes
Jm/Rosenberg Scale 2000 - University of Texas The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale - 2000 no no
Jm/Scanlon et al 2006 Páraic Scanlon, Seán Commins, Richard Roche - High Density Event-Related Potentials: Current Theories and Practice - 2006 no no
Jm/Schwabe et al 2008 Lars Schwabe, Sonja Römer, Steffen Richter, Svenja Dockendorf, Boris Bilak, Hartmut Schächinger - Stress effects on declarative memory retrieval are blocked by a β-adrenoceptor antagonist in humans Elsevier 2008 no no
Jm/Slotnick and Schacter 2004 Scott D. Slotnick and Daniel L. Schacter - A sensory signature that distinguishes true from false memories - 2004 yes yes
Jm/Smeets et al 2007 T. Smeets, T. Giesbrecht, M. Jelicic, H. Merckelbach - Context-dependent enhancement of declarative memory performance following acute psychosocial stress Elsevier 2007 yes yes
Jm/Smeets et al 2008 T. Smeets, H. Otgaar, I. Candel, O.T. Wolf - True or false? Memory is differentially affected by stress-induced cortisol elevations and sympathetic activity at consolidation and retrieval. - 2008 yes yes
Jm/Smith Mizumori 2006 David M. Smith, Sheri J. Y. Mizumori Society for Neuroscience Learning-Related Development of Context-Specific Neuronal Responses to Places and Events: The Hippocampal Role in Context Processing - 2006 no no
Jm/Starns 2004 Jeffrey Joseph Starns Louisiana State University The effect of internal and external context reinstatement on source memory - 2004 no no
Jm/Taylor 1999 Robert Taylor - National Adult Reading Test performance in established dementia Elsevier 1999 no no
Jm/The Brain 2007 - - Plasticity in neural networks - 2007 no no
Jm/Tollenaar et al 2009 M.S. Tollenaar, B.M. Elzinga, P. Spinhoven, W. Everaerd - Immediate and prolonged effects of cortisol, but not propranolol, on memory retrieval in healthy young men. - 2009 no no
Jm/Wang et al 2008 Xiao-Yi Wang, Mei Zhao, Udi E. Ghitza, Yan-Qin Li, Lin Lu - Stress Impairs Reconsolidation of Drug Memory via Glucocorticoid Receptors in the Basolateral Amygdala - 2008 yes yes
Jm/Wiesmann and Ishai 2008 Martin Wiesmann and Alumit Ishai - Recollection- and familiarity-based decisions reflect memory strength - 2008 no no
Jm/Wikipedia Anterior cingulate cortex 2007 - - Anterior cingulate cortex (Wikipedia) 2007 no no
Jm/Zhao et al 2009 Li-Yan Zhao, Xiao-Li Zhang, Jie Shi, David H. Epstein, Lin Lu - Psychosocial stress after reactivation of drug-related memory impairs later recall in abstinent heroin addicts Springer-Verlag 2009 no no

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