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Nm/The Dark Web Project 2010University of ArizonaUniversity of ArizonaDark Web Terrorism ResearchUniversity of Arizona2010neinnein1
Nm/ 2006--About this site-2006noyes3
Nm/ 2006a--About
Nm/Tsvetovat et al. 2005Maksim Tsvetovat, Jana Diesner, Kathleen M. Carley-NetIntel: A Database for Manipulation of Rich Social Network Data-2005nono2
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Nm/Wikipedia - Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumah - 2006--Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumah-2006noyes2
Nm/Wikipedia - World Trade Center bombing (1993) - 2006--World Trade Center bombing (1993)-2006noyes2
Nm/Wikipedia Riyadh compound bombings 2007--Riyadh compound bombings-2007noyes2
Nm/Wikipedia-Bojinka-plot 2006--Bojinka plot-2006nono1
Nm/WorldNetDaily - Wheeler 2003Scott L. Wheeler-'Dirty-bomb' plot under way in U.S.? - Fears over elusive al-Qaida suspect, missing reactor materials-2003neinnein1
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Nm/terrorism research 2005--terrorism research-2005nono2

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