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Quelle Autor Hrsg. Titel Verlag Jahr Lit.-V. FN Frags.
Nm2/Arquilla Ronfeldt 2001 John Arquilla, David Ronfeldt - Networks and Netwars: The future of crime, terror, and militancy RAND 2001 yes yes
Nm2/Brandes Erlebach 2005 Ulrik Brandes, Thomas Erlebach Ulrik Brandes, Thomas Erlebach Chapter 2 Fundamentals Springer 2005 no no
Nm2/DeRosa 2004 Mary DeRosa Center for Strategic and International Studies Data Mining and Data Analysis for Counterterrorism The CSIS Press 2004 yes yes
Nm2/Freeman 1980 Linton C. Freeman - The gatekeeper, Pair-dependency and Structural Centrality Elsevier 1980 no no
Nm2/Katz et al 2004 Nancy Katz, David Lazer, Holly Arrow, Noshir Contractor - Network Theory and Small Groups - 2004 no no
Nm2/Koelle et al 2006 David Koelle, Jonathan Pfautz, Michael Farry, Zach Cox, Geoffrey Catto, Joseph Campolongo - Applications of Bayesian Belief Networks in Social Network Analysis - 2006 no no
Nm2/Koschade 2005 Stuart A. Koschade C. Bailey, Laurie R. Buys A Social Network Analysis of Aum Shinrikyo: Understanding Terrorism in Australia - 2005 no no
Nm2/Koschuetzki et al 2005 D. Koschützki, K.A. Lehmann, L. Peeters, S. Richter, D. Tenfelde- Podehl, O. Zlotowski Ulrik Brandes, Thomas Erlebach Chapter 3 Centrality Indices Springer 2005 no no
Nm2/Popp and Poindexter 2006 Robert Popp, John Poindexter IEEE Computer Society Countering Terrorism through Information and Privacy Protection Technologies - 2006 no no
Nm2/Stephenson and Zelen 1989 Karen Stephenson, Marvin Zelen - Rethinking Centrality: Methods and Examples - 1989 no no
Nm2/Thuraisingham 2003 Bhavani Thuraisingham - Chapter 3: Data Mining for Counter-Terrorism - 2003 no no
Nm2/Xu and Chen 2003 Jennifer Xu, Hsinchun Chen Chen, H et al. Untangling Criminal Networks: A Case Study Springer 2003 no no

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