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Quelle Autor Hrsg. Titel Verlag Jahr Lit.-V. FN Frags.
Rsi/Bongso and Lee 2005 Ariff Bongso, Eng Hin Lee Ariff Bongso, Eng Hin Lee Stem Cells: Their Definition, Classification and Sources World Scientific 2005 yes yes
Rsi/Domen et al. 2006 Jos Domen, Amy Wagers, Irving L. Weissman Department of Health and Human Services 2. Bone Marrow (Hematopoietic) Stem Cells - 2006 no no
Rsi/Martinez-Agosto et al. 2007 Julian A. Martinez-Agosto, Hanna K.A. Mikkola, Volker Hartenstein, Utpal Banerjee - The hematopoietic stem cell and its niche: a comparative view - 2007 no no
Rsi/Mukhopadhyay et al. 2004 Asok Mukhopadhyay, T. Madhusudhan, Rajat Kumar Thomas Scheper Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Clinical Requirements and Developments in Ex-Vivo Culture Springer 2004 no no
Rsi/National Institutes of Health 2001 - National Institutes of Health Stem Cells: Scientific Progress and Future Research Directions - 2001 no (yes)
Rsi/Smith 2003 Clayton Smith - Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Hematopoiesis - 2003 no no

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