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Quelle Autor Hrsg. Titel Verlag Jahr Lit.-V. FN Frags.
Saa/Benson 2004 Tim Benson - What is HL7? Abies Ltd 2004 nein nein
Saa/Bishaj 2007 Blerta Bishaj - Comparison of Service Discovery Protocols - 2007 ja ja
Saa/Blood Pressure Monitors Report 2008 - Blood Pressure Monitors: Full Report Updated November 2008 - 2008 nein nein
Saa/Cabral et al 2004 Liliana Cabral, John Domingue, Enrico Motta, Terry Payne, Farshad Hakimpour Christoph J. Bussler, John Davies, Dieter Fensel, Rudi Studer Approaches to Semantic Web Services: An Overview and Comparisons - 2004 ja ja
Saa/Eisenhauer et al 2007 Markus Eisenhauer, Christian Prause, Alexander Schneider, Marius Scholten, Andreas Zimmermann - Contract No. IST 2005-034891; Hydra; Networked Embedded System middleware for Heterogeneous physical devices in a distributed architecture - 2007 nein nein
Saa/Gutierrez-Carreon et al 2008 Gustavo Gutiérrez-Carreón, Thanasis Daradoumis, Josep Jorba S. Salerno Semantic Description and Matchmaking of Learning Grid Services IOS Press 2008 nein nein
Saa/IHE FAQ 2004 - FAQ - 2004 ja ja
Saa/ITEA 2007 - - Welcome to the ITEA SODA project. - 2007 ja ja
Saa/Klusch 2006 Matthias Klusch - Scallops: Secure Agent-Based Pervasive Computing - 2006 nein nein
Saa/Klusch 2006b Matthias Klusch - Scallops: Secure Agent-Based Pervasive Computing - 2006 nein nein
Saa/Klusch 2008 Matthias Klusch - Semantic Web Service Description Springer 2008 ja ja
Saa/Martin 2005 A. Martin - Web Services - 2005 nein nein
Saa/Meditskos and Bassiliades 2008 Georgios Meditskos, Nick Bassiliades - Combining a DL Reasoner and a Rule Engine for Improving Entailment-based OWL Reasoning Springer 2008 nein nein
Saa/Microsoft Healthcare 2003 - Microsoft Corp. Healthcare Without Boundaries: Integration Technology for the New Healthcare Economy - 2003 nein nein
Saa/Morin 2002 Richard L. Morin - The Ongoing Relationship of PACS with the RIS, the HIS, and Other TLAs - 2002 nein nein
Saa/Mylonas 2004 E. M. Mylonas DAEDALUS INFORMATICS Ltd BIOPATTERN NoE. A preliminary analysis on design and infrastructure requirement issues of the Information Network Structure (version 1.00) - 2004 nein nein
Saa/Nationmaster 2003 - Encyclopedia > X12 - 2003 nein nein
Saa/Orth 2002 Günter Orth - The Web Services Framework: A Survey of WSDL, SOAP and UDDI - 2002 nein nein
Saa/Protegewiki 2008 - - What is Protege? - 2008 nein nein
Saa/Reynolds et al 2004 M. Reynolds, T. Norgall, T. Cooper - ISO/IEEE 11073 standards for point-of-care medical device communication; What are they? What can they do for me? - 2004 nein nein
Saa/Sarnovsky et al 2007 Martin Sarnovsky, Peter Butka, Peter Kostelnik, Dasa Lackova - HYDRA – Network Embedded System Middleware for Ambient Intelligent Devices - 2007 ja ja
Saa/Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies 2008 - Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies Respiratory Care Help - 2008 nein nein
Saa/Vazquez 2007 Juan Ignacio Vázquez Gómez - A reactive behavioural model for context-aware semantic devices - 2007 nein nein
Saa/Vazquez et al 2005 Juan Ignacio Vazquez, Diego López de Ipiña, Iñigo Sedano - SoaM: A Web-powered Architecture for Designing and Deploying Pervasive Semantic Devices - 2007 nein nein
Saa/Wikipedia Devices Profile for Web Services 2009 - - Devices Profile for Web Services (Wikipedia) 2009 nein nein
Saa/Wikipedia Electronic Data Interchange 2006 - - Wikipedia Electronic Data Interchange 2006 - 2006 nein nein
Saa/Zeeb et al 2007 Elmar Zeeb, Andreas Bobek, Hendrik Bohn and Frank Golatowski IEEE Lessons learned from implementing the Devices Profile for Web Services - 2007 nein nein
Saa/ - WSDL 2001 Erik Christensen, Francisco Curbera, Greg Meredith, Sanjiva Weerawarana - Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 1.1 - 2001 ja ja

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