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Quelle Autor Hrsg. Titel Verlag Jahr Lit.-V. FN Frags.
Tim/Andresen et al 2005 Martin Andresen, Markus C. Wahl, André C. Stiel, Frauke Gräter, Lars V. Schäfer, Simon Trowitzsch, Gert Weber, Christian Eggeling, Helmut Grubmüller, Stefan W. Hell, Stefan Jakobs - Structure and mechanism of the reversible photoswitch of a fluorescent protein - 2005 yes yes
Tim/Chapleau 2008 Richard R. Chapleau, Rebecca Blomberg, Peter C. Ford, Martin Sagermann - Design of a highly specific and noninvasive biosensor suitable for real-time in vivo imaging of mercury (II) uptake - 2008 yes yes
Tim/Copper 2010 - Mark McClure Copper - 2010 no no
Tim/Fu 2008 Yi Fu, Jian Zhang, and Joseph R. Lakowicz - Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence of Single Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) - 2008 yes yes
Tim/Gurskaya 2003 Nadya G. GURSKAYA, Arkady F. FRADKOV, Natalia I. POUNKOVA, Dmitry B. STAROVEROV, Maria E. BULINA, Yurii G. YANUSHEVICH, Yulii A. LABAS, Sergey LUKYANOV and Konstantin A. LUKYANOV - A colourless green fluorescent protein homologue from the non-fluorescent hydromedusa Aequorea coerulescens and its fluorescent mutants - 2003 yes yes
Tim/Isarankura 2009 Chartchalerm Isarankura-Na-Ayudhya & Tanawut Tantimongcolwat & Hans-Joachim Galla & Virapong Prachayasittikul - Fluorescent Protein-Based Optical Biosensor for Copper Ion Quantitation - 2010 yes yes
Tim/Lukyanov 2000 Konstantin A. Lukyanov, Arkady F. Fradkov, Nadya G. Gurskaya, Mikhail V. Matz, Yulii A. Labas, Aleksandr P. Savitskyi, Mikhail L. Markelov, Andrey G. Zaraisky, Xiaoning Zhao, Yu Fang - Natural Animal Coloration Can Be Determined by a Nonfluorescent Green Fluorescent Protein Homolog - 2000 yes yes
Tim/MSIP 2010 - - Marine Species Identification Portal - 2010 no no
Tim/Nienhaus 2006 Karin Nienhaus, Fabiana Renzi, Beatrice Vallone, Jörg Wiedenmann, and G. Ulrich Nienhaus - Chromophore-Protein Interactions in the Anthozoan Green Fluorescent Protein asFP499 - 2006 yes yes
Tim/Rahimi et al 2008 Yasmeen Rahimi, Ann Goulding, Suresh Shrestha, Sweetie Mirpuri, Sapna K. Deo - Mechanism of Copper Induced Fluorescence Quenching of Red Fluorescent Protein, DsRed - 2008 yes yes
Tim/Schaefer 2007 Lars V. Schäfer / Gerrit Groenhof / Astrid R. Klingen / G. Matthias Ullmann / Martial Boggio-Pasqua / Michael A. Robb / Helmut Grubmüller - Photoswitching of the Fluorescent Protein asFP595: Mechanism, Proton Pathways, and Absorption Spectra - 2007 yes yes
Tim/Schaefer 2007b Lars Schäfer - Photoactivated Processes in Condensed Phase studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations - 2007 no no
Tim/Shang Dong 2008 Li Shang, Shaojun Dong - Sensitive detection of cysteine based on fluorescent silver clusters - 2009 no no
Tim/Sumner et al 2006 James P. Sumner, Nissa M. Westerberg, Andrea K. Stoddard, Tamiika K. Hurst, Michele Cramer, Richard B. Thompson, Carol A. Fierke, Raoul Kopelman - DsRed as a highly sensitive, selective, and reversible fluorescence-based biosensor for both Cu+ and Cu2+ ions Elsevier 2006 yes yes
Tim/Tasdemir et al 2008 Aynur Tasdemir, Farid Khan, Thomas A. Jowitt, Lucia Iuzzolino, Stefan Lohmer, Sabrina Corazza, Thomas J. Schmidt - Engineering of a monomeric fluorescent protein AsGFP499 and its applications in a dual translocation and transcription assay - 2008 yes yes
Tim/Wang 2007 Wen Wang - Validation of shRNA clones for gene silencing in 293FT cells - 2007 no no
Tim/Wiedenmann 2000 Jörg Wiedenmann, Carsten Elke, Klaus-Dieter Spindler, and Werner Funke - Cracks in the b-can: Fluorescent proteins from Anemonia sulcata (Anthozoa, Actinaria) - 2000 - yes
Tim/Wikipedia Conica (suborder) 2009 - - Conica (suborder) (Wikipedia) 2009 no no
Tim/Wikipedia Snakelocks anemone 2012 Wikipedia - Snakelocks anemone - 2012 no no

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