Prominent fragmentsBearbeiten

  • Fragment 072 18, Fragment 073 01: The last paragraph of the thesis, about a page in length, is taken verbatim from the publication Shang & Dong (2008) that is nowhere mentioned in the thesis. Also twelve references to the literature are copied.
  • Fragment 071 05: Here the source is given, but only for a part of the text taken from it. Remarkable is also that the source seems to be significantly misrepresented.
  • Fragment 023 19: The source is given, but also two sentences starting with "Accordingly, we observed" were taken from it literally, such that the reader must (wrongly) assume that the author made observations consistent with the findings of the source.
  • Fragment 024 09: An image has been taken from the Wikipedia without attribution.

Prominent sourcesBearbeiten

  • Wikipedia (Snakelocks anemone): A section of the thesis has been taken verbatim from the Wikipedia that is not mentioned in the thesis anywhere. It is remarkable that in the PDF file of the thesis that is available for download, one can find invisible, but active Wikipedia links at the same places where they also appear (and are visible) in the original Wikipedia article.


  • Currently there are 34 reviewed fragments documented that are considered to be violations of citation rules. For 14 of them there is no reference given to the source used („Verschleierungen“ and „Komplettplagiate“). For 20 fragments the source is given, but the extent of the used text is not made clear („Bauernopfer“).
  • The publication has 75 pages that have been analyzed. On a total of 25 of these pages violations of citation rules have been documented. This represents a percentage of 33.3%. The 75 analyzed pages break down with respect to the amount of text parallels encountered as follows:
Percentage text parallels Number of pages
No text parallels documented 50
0%-50% text parallels 8
50%-75% text parallels 3
75%-100% text parallels 14
From these statistics an extrapolation of the amount of text of the publication under investigation that has been documented as problematic can be estimated (conservatively) as about 18% of the main part of the publication.


The following chart illustrates the amount and the distribution of the text parallel findings. The colours show the type of plagiarism diagnosed:

  • grau="Komplettplagiat" (copy & paste): the source of the text parallel is not given, the copy is verbatim.
  • rot="Verschleierung" (disguised plagiarism): the source of the text parallel is not given, the copied text will be somewhat modified.
  • gelb="Bauernopfer" (pawn sacrifice): the source of the text parallel is mentioned, but the extent and/or the closeness of the copy to the source is not made clear by the reference.

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