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There are substantial text parallels between Vpr's thesis and the thesis Fontanari Krause (2006) that has been submitted by a research student at the same institute roughly at the same time. A priori it is not clear of course who has copied from who, but there are indications that the source for the copying has in fact been Fontanari Krause (2006) and not Vpr's thesis:

Luciana Fontanari Krause is not mentioned at all in Vpr's thesis. Vpr is mentioned in Fontanari Krause (2006) in the following way: "I want to thank the collegues from Buske and Feuring-Buske’s group, special Christina Schessl for the technical support with the bone marrow murine model and Vijay Rawat and Annihruda Desphande for the helpfull discussions and technical sugestions."

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