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Untersuchte Arbeit:
Seite: 21, Zeilen: 3-5
Quelle: Fontanari Krause 2006
Seite(n): 22, Zeilen: 11-12
21a diss Vpr.png

Figure 11. This is a schematic diagram representing the various breakpoints of ETV6 (indicated by arrows) in the translocations involving different partner genes (indicated in closed boxes)

21b source Vpr.png

Figure 4.8: Diagram of ETV6 with protein domain and breakpoints (indicated by arrows) representing different partner genes of ETV6 (indicated in closed boxes) (adapted from Bohlander, 2005).


The image is copied from the source without this being made clear.

Note that the same figure can also be found in the original source Quelle:Vpr/Bohlander_2005, see Vpr/Dublette/Fragment_021_03. Inspecting the figure caption one can see that the caption of Fontanari Krause (2006) lies somewhat in between the versions of Vpr and Quelle:Vpr/Bohlander_2005, which suggests that Vpr adapted it from Fontanari Krause (2006) who adapted it from Quelle:Vpr/Bohlander_2005.

The next figure (Figure 12) that also comes from the source is marked with: "(kindly provided by Prof. Stefan Bohlander)".

(Hindemith) Schumann
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FragmentStatusGesichtet +
KuerzelVpr +
QuelleFontanari Krause 2006 +
SeiteArbeit21 +
SeiteQuelle22 +
Sichter(Hindemith) Schumann
TypusVerschleierung +
ZeileArbeit3-5 +
ZeileQuelle11-12 +

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